Revolutionaries' Wives

Who hasn’t heard of Sigmund Freud, Karl Marx and Socrates? But who has heard of Martha Freud, Jenny Marx, and Xantippe?
Everyone knows the expression “behind every successful man there is a woman”. But what does it really mean to “stand behind” a man who is a genius? What prices are paid by the woman who stands behind a man? Why, in fact, does she stand behind him instead of beside him? And why does she disappear from the stage of history when he becomes famous? The play “Revolutionaries` Wives” creates an imaginary, although plausible, history that rescues the wives of the geniuses who changed the world from oblivion.

A play by: Yossefa Even-Shoshan and Dalia Shimko // Director: Dalia Shimko // Dialogues: Yossefa Even Shoshan // Inspired by “Mrs. Freud was Once Again Forgotten” by Françoise Xenakis